TripTracker is able to connect directly with your car so that it can read the mileage and the distance traveled.

Unfortunately all of the tested adapters failed on stability. This means that TripTracker was able to connect and receive data from them but they crashed every now and then. The only way to recover was to unplug and "replug" them. That why the decision has been felt to develop an optimized version of an OBDII adapter which is more reliable. To see how it works you can watch some demo data which all have been tracked completely automatically:

www.TripTracker.app (upper right corner -> login, then ¬ĄPortal)
Email = "stefan@stefan-zankl.com"; Password = "asdfasdf";

Important: Don't use this account for your personal sync setup since it will mix your data with that demo data!!

For more information or if you want to place an order please write me an E-Mail to:


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Another great resource is the manual which can be found here. There you find illustrated setup instructions for allmost any feature of TripTracker.
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