Every car from model year 1996 must have an OBDII interface, because this way the exhaust gas values are determined uniformly by the Technical Supervisory Association. However, the number of commands supported can vary, which is why no general guarantee can be given. This is also the reason why this feature is still in beta.

The choice felt on the Bluetooth variant because the WiFi version brought too many disadvantages, e.g. due to an Android system limitation, no internet connection could be established as long as the adapter was connected. Because of this, support for the WiFi adapter was discontinued.

Well over 10,000 adapters have already been sold and so far, there have only been problems with electric or hybrid vehicles because OBDII was not designed for this.

Selling price is 75€ including shipping within the EU.

Please use the contact form below or our email address (office@stefan-zankl.com) if you need shipment outside the European Union.


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